Tracing Pages Reflection

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Reflection timeeeeee

Thesis: In “Stitches” and “Spinning,” the different uses of gutters and perspectives support each other to show the character development of the main character in the frame while they are in the presence of another character. Both authors use the same technique but in different ways to portray their narratives.

While tracing the panels, I was mainly thinking about art style, and how they drew the panels. I enjoyed doing it because I felt productive but not at the same time. After tracing the pages, I couldn’t find things that I could analyze, but I went back to the chart with all the elements of a comic. Looking at each column, I was able to find at least one thing to annotate or note. I really just had to not overthink it and just *look*. It was fun realizing similarities and differences in between the two pages.

As for the essay style, I was looking forward to writing it. When I write the usual 5 paragraph deductive essays, I find a better way to present the essay near the end after I discussed the thesis. When I write an essay, I have a good grasp about the parts but not how they connect as a whole. Inductive writing would make sense for me because I can really present the main part of the essay after I discuss the evidence. I would need to compare deductive and inductive essays to truly see which one I like better. I also had to limit myself to not reveal the thesis in the early sections because you usually had to connect it back to the thesis while writing about the evidence.

As for the secret language of comics, I think it helps me to watch out for certain elements of the comic and bring it into a boarder context of the story. I only annotated one page per comic, but if I spent time in analyzing more pages, I would be able to get a better grasp of the comics. I learned that I had to compare frames to see certain things like with “Spinning” I didn’t realize the changed background in between panels. I totally overlooked it at first.

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